— Family Law in Rhode Island —

Family Law in Rhode Island

Professional and Individual Representation in Rhode Island Family Issues

Providing Compassionate Counsel for Familial Issues

We understand that family issues can be sensitive and highly emotional, so we strive to build mutual trust as we work through your specific situation.

Divorce Representation

We have significant experience representing spouses in complex divorce issues where property and business considerations come into play. We’ll help fight for all of your hard-earned assets within the divorce proceeding.

Child Custody and Support

A child’s best interest is always the top priority and we take that as our primary point when working through a separation. Especially if one parent is deemed unfit or financially incapable, we’ll help determine the best outcome so the child’s health and welfare are taken care of.

Domestic Relations Issues

Cases involving domestic issues are never the same. We bring an individualized approach to understand specific needs and the perspective of those who may be dealing with violence or abuse issues within the home. We take special care to work through these matters and the role the law plays within it.

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