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Helping Workers Recover the Unpaid Wages They’re Owed

Employers have an obligation to compensate their workers fairly and on time. Unfortunately, employers do not always deliver on these promises, especially in the food services, construction, healthcare, and agriculture industries. If your employer still owes you unpaid wages or additional compensation for working overtime, you have the right to take legal action. Depending on the specifics of your situation, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against your employer for failing to compensate you.

It’s important to recognize that labor and wage laws in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can be complex and challenging to navigate, so consider enlisting the support of the dedicated employment attorneys at Sinapi Law Associates, Ltd. to ensure you identify the most strategic path forward.  Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and many other states have laws that allow workers to sue their employers for double or even triple the unpaid wages owed. For example, under the Rhode Island Payment of Wages Act, courts may grant “liquidated damages” tripling the amount of unpaid wages workers receive (with interest). So, if your employer fails to pay you $5,000 in wages, you may be entitled to recover $15,000 plus interest and your attorneys’ fees.  Similarly, the Massachusetts Wage Act entitles workers who have not been properly paid all wages owed to automatic treble (3x) damages plus interest and your attorneys’ fees. These statutes have limited time periods and deadlines during which you can pursue legal claims for unpaid wages, so it’s crucial that workers contact an attorney or file their claims immediately upon learning of the wage theft.

Understanding Different Types of Unpaid Wage Claims

There are several situations that can lead to unpaid wage claims. For instance, if you recently quit or resigned from your job, your employer must still provide you with your final paycheck and payment of unused Paid Time Off. Or, perhaps your employer has unlawfully taken deductions from your paycheck, denying you the total amount of compensation owed to you. Sometimes, an employer may refuse to pay an employee for working overtime, violating wage laws, or misclassify you as an independent contractor instead of an employee to avoid paying overtime and minimum wages. You can learn more about different kinds of wage and hour law violations and find answers to commonly asked questions here. Even if you are not certain that your employer has paid you unfairly or has withheld the wages they owe you, reach out to Sinapi Law Associates, Ltd. to discuss your situation and explore your options for obtaining the compensation you deserve.

Exploring Your Legal Options For Recovering Unpaid Wages

Before you file a claim, you should consider discussing your case with one of our seasoned employment attorneys. We will assess the details of your situation and identify the most strategic course of action. Our experienced legal team is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and support you at every phase of the legal process. We have a strong track record of helping employees recover unpaid wages and additional damages they’re owed, so you can trust that you are in excellent and capable hands when you work with us. Additionally, we offer FREE consultations and represent clients mostly on a contingency basis, meaning that we are only paid if we recover for you.  Reach out today to learn more about how we can assist you.

If your employer owes you unpaid wages in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, contact Sinapi Law Associates, Ltd., today at (401) 739-9690 to discuss your legal options with a trusted and experienced employment lawyer.

Our dedicated legal team helps employees recover benefits, unpaid wages, overtime, holiday, vacation, and premium pay from employers that fail to comply with state and federal wage laws.


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