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Employment Law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Protecting the Rights of Employees and Employers for Nearly Four Decades

Employer Advice and Counseling

We assist employers with drafting and implementing legally compliant workplace policies, handbooks, severance policies, non-competes, and conducting internal investigations.

Wage and Hour Disputes and Collective Actions

We assist employees in recovering benefits, unpaid wages, overtime, holiday, vacation, and premium pay, as well as penalties from employers who fail to comply with applicable state and federal wage and hour laws.  We have a strong track record of substantial recovery of unpaid wages on behalf of individual employees and classes of employees.


Your employee classification – whether you are exempt, non-exempt, or considered an independent contractor (1099) – affects what rights and benefits you are entitled to under the law. Employee misclassification is a serious problem. When employers intentionally or mistakenly misclassify employees, the latter may be entitled to back wages and other benefits under the law.

Discrimination + FMLA Issues

We represent employees who are subjected to adverse employment action—including failure to hire or promote, demotion, or termination—based, in whole or in part, on account of their race, color, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or pregnancy, and seek remedies on their behalf that include reinstatement or front pay, back pay, and emotional damages.

Sexual Harassment

This is a specific type of discrimination for which victims are entitled to lost wages and benefits and damages for emotional or physical pain and suffering on account of verbal, quid pro quo, and/or physical harassment because of sex, including a sexually hostile work-place environment.

Retaliation & Whistleblower

We represent and seek reinstatement and monetary compensation for employees who assert or assist others in asserting protected employment law rights or report violations of state or federal law or regulations or refuse to violate or participate in the violation of applicable law—all of which is conduct protected under state and federal law.

Reasonable Accommodation

Employees who have a disability are entitled to reasonable accommodation, including adjustment in the nature, scope, or type of certain job duties, reassignment, and/or a brief unpaid leave, to permit them to retain and perform their job. We represent and seek reinstatement and monetary compensation for employees suffering from a disability where an employer fails or refuses to engage in a dialogue to determine the appropriate accommodation or refuses to provide an appropriate accommodation.

Unemployment Benefits

If an application for unemployment compensation is denied, we can generally represent you without charge in Rhode Island. Please note that there is only a short time within which you can appeal a decision denying unemployment benefits as set forth in the denial letter. As such, contacting an attorney as soon as you are denied benefits is crucial to ensure your rights are not waived.

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