Employment Law in Rhode Island

Why Choose Sinapi?


We are a multilingual law practice.

Our attorneys are fluent in several languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, and able to communicate firsthand with clients in their native language in order to establish a foundation of mutual trust and respect.


Everyone needs an attorney they can trust.

Many people are not familiar with how to find the right attorney. Odds are, people are not sure what they are supposed to do to find one or how much one will cost.

Maybe we can help a bit. More than just problem solvers, an attorney can help prevent problems from even coming to fruition. While most people seek the aid of an attorney only when problems arise, it is also wise to contact an attorney for legal advice as a preventative measure. We make your business our business.


You want an attorney with major litigation experience.

Our attorneys have a proven track record of successful results in employment law, civil rights, and business litigation as well as other areas of law.

Major Litigation Performance


You need an attorney with a proven track record for lobbying.

Our attorneys have substantial legislative, executive, and administrative lobbying experience spanning three decades. We have co-drafted and successfully lobbied for the passage of numerous pieces of legislation as well as revised agency regulations on behalf of Governmental Affairs clients.

The diverse clients we have served include the local chapter of the ACLU, a home inspector’s association, and numerous construction industry trades, companies, and associations. Our attorneys have been listed as one of the top construction industry and trades lobbyist by Go Local Prov (#7 Construction Industry and Building Trades Unions).

Sinapi Law Associates, Ltd. offers a full-service practice, providing our clients with advice and representation in a wide range of legal disciplines. Contact us to learn more!