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Corporate and Commercial Law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Helping Businesses Large and Small Navigate A Variety of Legal issues

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Commercial and corporate law requires an immense amount of expertise and detail. We help clients organize and start new businesses, including incorporations and organization as a limited liability company to protect themselves from liability arising out of business activities. We also draft and review business contracts and lease agreements.

Helping Small Businesses

We understand the value and issues involved with running a small business and our legal advice is tailored as such. We provide consultation to small businesses on all aspects of employment law (i.e. wage and hour, FMLA leave, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, reasonable accommodation, termination, drafting severance agreements, whistleblowing, classification, etc.) including the drafting and implementation of legally compliant employee policies and procedures.

Corporate Law

The larger the company, the more intricate and involved its policies need to be to remain compliant and legal. We can help bigger companies develop a variety of plans, especially when it comes to large employee counts and help growing businesses understand legal and governance issues that could be on the horizon.

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