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Employment Law

Wage & Hour Disputes

We assist employees in recovering benefits, unpaid wages, overtime, holiday, vacation, and premium pay as well as penalties from employers who fail to comply with applicable state and federal wage and hour laws.


Your employee classification - whether you are exempt, non-exempt, or considered an independent contractor (1099) - affects what rights and benefits you are entitled to under the law. Em- ployee misclassification is a serious problem. Whether employers intentionally or mistakenly misclassify employees, those employees may be entitled to back-wages and other benefits under the law.


We represent employees who are subjected to adverse employment action—including failure to hire or promote, demotion, or termination—based, in whole or in part, on account of their race, color, age, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or pregnancy, and seek remedies on their behalf that include reinstatement or front pay, back pay, and emotional damages.

Sexual Harassment

This is a specific type of discrimination for which victims are entitled to lost wag- es and benefits as well as damages for emotional or physical pain and suffering on account of verbal, quid pro quo, and/or physical harassment because of sex, including a sexually hostile workplace environment.

Retaliation & Whistleblower

We represent and seek reinstatement and monetary compensation for employees who assert or assist others in asserting pro- tected employment law rights or report violations of state or federal law or regulations or refuse to violate or participate in the violation of applicable law—all of which is conduct protected under state and federal law.

Reasonable Accommodation

Employees who have a disability are entitled to reasonable accommodation, including adjustment in the nature, scope, or type of certain job duties, reassignment, and/or a brief unpaid leave, to permit them to retain and perform their job. We represent and seek reinstatement and monetary compensation for employees suffering from a disabil- ity where an employer fails or refuses to engage in a dialogue to determine the appropriate accommodation or refuses to provide an appropriate accommodation.

FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Issues

Protecting employees from termination and retaliation for taking up to 12 weeks of leave in a 12-month period due to pregnancy, illness or sick family member.

Severance & Non-Compete Clause

In employment contracts. Drafting, review, negotiation and litigation of matters involving severance pay, non-competition, non-disclosure, and confidentiality agreements.

Unemployment Benefits

If an application for unemployment compensation is denied, we can represent you without charge. We are paid by the state of Rhode Island if successful. Please note that there is only a short time within which you can appeal a decision denying unemploy- ment benefits as set forth in the denial letter. As such, contacting an attorney as soon as you are denied benefits is crucial to ensure your rights are not waived.

Important Tip: Remember, when filing for unemployment benefits, you are required to prepare a resume and maintain a written log of your job search on a preferably daily basis, listing: 1) the places/source you have checked for jobs available (this should include, at a minimum, Monster, Craig's List, RI DLT & JobWorks website, and the ProJo), 2) inquiries you have made about availability or nature of job openings, 3) completed job applications submitted, 4) interviews (phone or in person), if any; and, 5) registration with temporary agency, if any.

Workers Compensation

Over 30 years experience practicing workers' compensation law. No retainers and no fee unless we are successful—our fee is typically paid by the op- posing party or from a percentage of the settlement.

Personal Injury

Our experienced team of attorneys have a record of success in practice areas that include: car accidents, premises liability, slip-and-falls and inadequate security, medical malpractice, and third-party workplace injury claims.

Family Law

We provide legal representation for clients who need advice and assistance relative to divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, and the full scope of domestic relations law, including mediation of divorce and other disputes.

Real Estate

We provide full service advice and assistance with respect to the purchase of real estate, real estate closings, title issues, and real estate related disputes and litigation, as well as zoning, minimum housing, and land use issues. We even have an affiliated real estate brokerage company, One Stop Real Estate, that will assist you to list and sell, purchase, or rent property.

Corporate/Commercial Law

We assist clients in organizing and starting up new businesses, including business incorporations and organiza- tion as a limited liability company to limit liability and protect our clients from liability arising out of business activities, as well as drafting and reviewing business contracts and leases agreements. We also provide advice and representation to clients involved in business disputes.

We provide legal advice and consultation to small businesses on all aspects of employment law (i.e. wage and hour, FMLA leave, employment dis- crimination, sexual harassment, reasonable accommodation, termination, drafting severance agreements, whistleblowing, classification, etc.) including the drafting and implementation of legally compliant employee policies and procedures.

Governmental Affairs/Lobbying

Richard A. Sinapi Esq.'s career as a legislative, executive, and administrative lobbyist spans three decades. He has co-drafted and successfully lobbied for the passage of numerous pieces of legislation as well as revised agency regulations on behalf of Governmental Affairs clients. The diverse clients he has served include the local chapter of the ACLU, a home inspector’s association, and numerous construction industry trades, companies and associations. He was listed as one of the top construction industry and trades lobbyist by Go Local Prov . (#7 Construction Industry and Building Trades Unions).

Education Law

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that every child receives a “free and appropriate education” in the “least restrictive environment.” In order to ensure this we represent children (and their parents) from when they start, or should start school through college in a wide array of areas in education law. We provide counsel for Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting preparation; due process administrative hearings; 504 plan accommodations; private school placements; discipline, suspension, truancy, and/or expulsion hearings; bullying matters; civil rights violations; and appeals to federal court. We do not, and will not represent any schools or school districts, private or public.

Firm of counsel attorney Gregory A. Mancini is a member of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (an organization dedicated to protecting the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities). Mr. Mancini also drafted and was the primary lobbyist for legislation that requires public school districts to provide special education services, including the development and implementation of IEPs to parentally placed children in private schools. See RI Gen. Law § 16-24-1; 2008 P.L. 141 § 1.

We know that challenging determinations of school districts can be daunting for parents. It also causes a significant unexpected financial cost. Therefore, we will work with parents to develop fee arrangements in education matters that will be tailored to their affordability.

Municipal Law

The principal attorney of the firm has served as general counsel for a fire district for nearly three decades, providing legal advice relative to general municipal law, including Open Meetings, Access to Public Records, Prevailing Wage, Award of Contracts, and drafting requests for proposals and the like Legal services provided included personnel/employment matters, employment and benefit policies, contract drafting/review, collective bargaining, employee discipline and grievances, tax sales, collections, negotiation and drafting of PILOTs, attendance at monthly board meetings, and litigation of all types. Also provided legal representation and advice relative to land acquisition/condemnation, easement acquisition, zoning and land use, loan documentation, rate-making, development and imposition of an impact fee, as well as lobbying and governmental affairs, including drafting and achieving passage of a major revision of a fire district charter.

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